NBA Draft: ACC players that have declared for the 2020 Draft, or plan to test waters

There’s a lot up in the air regarding the 2020 NBA Draft — as the basketball world looks to adapt its structure to handle COVID-19. The timeline will certainly be different this season, which could cause issues for some athletes that are on the fence; however, some players are willing to take the plunge, especially as more information becomes available.

Here’s a look at the ACC underclassmen that have declared for the draft.

With all of that in mind, here’s a look at which ACC players have declared for the NBA Draft as early entrants in 2020.



  • Aamir Simms, junior, power forward (testing the process)




Florida State




NC State

  • Josh Hall, 2020 commit (2019 re-class), forward (testing)
  • DJ Funderburk, redshirt junior, big (testing)
  • Devon Daniels, redshirt junior, wing (testing)


North Carolina





  • Jay Huff, redshirt junior, center (testing)


Wake Forest