Miami fires Manny Diaz, path clear for Mario Cristobal

In a process that’s dragged on, one of the few remaining pillars has toppled: Miami has fired head coach Manny Diaz, according to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports. This essentially clears the path for Miami to hire Mario Cristobal away from Oregon.

After spending three seasons as Miami’s defensive coordinator (2016-18), Diaz replaced Mark Richt as the program’s head coach ahead of the 2019 season. In the three years with Diaz, Miami has gone 21-15; the Hurricanes are 0-2 in bowl games.

This will obviously cost Miami a lot of money. The buyout for Diaz alone should cost between $7-8 million. However, the ways in which the Hurricanes are unlocking the money to accomplish all of this is rather gross.

Amid the disastrous and deadly COVID-19 pandemic, Miami’s UHealth System pulled in $400 million in profit in 2020. (If that seems like an insane profit number, given everything, well, it is!) Regardless, Miami plans to use of its COVID-19 money to spend a fortune and completely turnover its football program.

According to The Athletic, Cristobal will get around $8 million per year. Miami must also spend $9 million to buy him out from his Oregon contact. All of this will come on top of the buyout for Diaz, too.

(Guys, I think we may need to change our healthcare system in America. Call it a hunch.)

Following the Diaz/Cristobal transition, Miami will continue to pursue and eventually sign Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich.