Pitt not exactly getting a “fresh” start with Stallings

Jamie Dixon’s decision to leave Pitt for TCU on March 21 was met with mixed reactions from the Panthers’ fanbase.

The 50-year-old had been Pittsburgh’s head coach for 13 years, and during that time, he became the most successful coach in program history. His departure really did mark the end of an era, but it represented an amicable parting, as it gave both sides an opportunity at a fresh start after a long marriage that was becoming stale.

After a six-day search that resulted in the hiring of Kevin Stallings, however, it’s difficult to say Pitt capitalized on its own opportunity.

When the Panthers announced the former Vanderbilt head man as their new coach on Sunday, the news wasn’t exactly embraced by fans.

Dixon was mostly appreciated at Pittsburgh, but after nearly a decade and a half, a lot of the team’s supporters were open to a change. In many ways, Stallings wasn’t much of a change at all.