Report: Syracuse hears back on appeal of NCAA penalties

According to, Syracuse’s basketball program will get back one scholarship per year over the next four seasons following its appeal of NCAA penalties that were handed down in March. The school will still be forced to vacate 101 wins, and the appeal of Jim Boeheim’s nine-game suspension is still pending.

The NCAA levied the sanctions on Syracuse following an eight-year investigation into issues involving extra benefits, academic improprieties and enforcement of policies related to failed drug tests. In February, the Orange self-imposed a postseason ban for the 2014-15 season.

Following the appeal, Syracuse will now only need to forfeit eight scholarships over the next four seasons.

“The appeal decision results in the reduction of a significant penalty,” Syracuse senior vice president of public affairs Kevin Quinn said in a statement. “We strongly believed the original scholarship penalty was too severe when compared to other infraction cases. Also, the scholarship reduction penalty directly impacts current and future student-athletes and their academic and athletic opportunities. We remain disappointed in the decision to vacate a significant amount of men’s basketball wins, a decision that was upheld.”