Boeheim On His Suspension, Coaching With K for Team USA


Uncertainty faces Jim Boeheim as he heads into his 40th season running the Syracuse basketball program. While in Charlotte at ACC Operation Basketball, Boeheim joined The David Glenn Show, where he discussed his disappointment in his upcoming nine-game suspension. According to Boeheim, it’s not just about missing games: the inability to talk and meet with the team during this time period will be challenging, and unduly punishes his current players.

Boeheim stated that he accepts the penalty — it’s his program, but he disputes being called a cheater. Glenn and Boeheim covered more than just the suspension, though. The Syracuse coach, who has served as an assistant for the Team USA men’s basketball program, talked about the fantastic job Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has done heading up the national program, approaching the age of 70, succession plans, and his greatest recruitment jobs — some of which occurred away from the game of basketball.