Fan feedback: Was Matt Jones fouled on “amazing” play?

On Monday, we asked for your opinion on whether or not Duke guard Matt Jones was fouled late in the Blue Devils’ 64-62 loss to Syracuse on a play that Mike Krzyzewski repeatedly referred to as “amazing.” The people have voted, and as it turns out, ACC fans in general didn’t find the sequence to be all that amazing.

Of the fans who participated in the poll, 80 percent said the no-call was correct. For Duke fans who voted, the results were reversed, with 80 percent of Blue Devil faithful believing a foul should have been called.

Between participating fans of Clemson, Georgia Tech, NC State, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest, the results were unanimous, with 100 percent siding with the officials. North Carolina fans were also overwhelmingly in favor of letting the players play, as only nine percent of Tar Heel voters believed Jones was fouled.