Swinney Producing Wins, Clicks At Clemson

The Clemson Tigers are 7-0 and this week moved up to #3 in the AP College Football poll. Any time a program creeps closer to the national title conversation they will naturally create more buzz. Beyond the winning, though, Swinney himself has helped create some of the best “buzz-worthy” moments of this college football season so far.

There was the “bring your own guts” line after a win over Notre Dame, which drew even more attention when Dabo happened to be interrupted by an untimely cut away to the studio. There was the post-game press conference following the win over Georgia Tech where Swinney tried to end the term ‘Clemson-ing’ once and for all. And–just like any prominent coach who dares to bust a move in the locker room–Swinney has been vined and graded on his post-game dance moves more than once.

With a different style but in the same way his recently retired resigned former foe Steve Spurrier did throughout his coaching career, Swinney seems to be a bit of a marketing master. But when he joined The David Glenn Show on Monday to talk about his team’s win over Miami and an upcoming visit to Raleigh, Swinney assured DG he’s simply being himself.

“The internet is starved for stuff, I guess, that’s all I can tell you,” Swinney explained. “I have no [personal] marketing adviser; I just am who I am.”

Swinney joked about approaching dancing with effort rather than worrying about execution.

In more serious topics, Swinney talked about the tenuous nature of college coaching in the wake of Miami firing Al Golden. He also explained how his current Clemson team, while young, has a strong appreciation for the impact a handful of plays can have on an entire season, and how thin the line is between a good season and a great one. He also talked about missing out on Halloween this year since the game falls on October 31st.

Listen to the full audio below.