Larry Williams: ‘Religion Not Forced Upon Players’

Larry Williams of joined The David Glenn Show to discuss the recent controversy surrounding Dabo Swinney.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently criticized the Clemson head football coach, stating that Swinney has promoted Christianity in a way that violates constitutional stipulations of the separation of church and state.

Williams was not in agreement with the organization.

“I do think that Dabo Swinney has a very enlightened view of what a football team is,” Williams said.  “He views every team as a melting pot of society, and you’re going to have a lot of different races, preferences and beliefs.

“I don’t think [the players] feel that it is forced upon them.”

Williams also drew a comparison to former Tigers coach Tommy Bowden and described how Swinney has created an environment where the practice of Christianity is much more voluntary now than it was under the current coach’s predecessor.

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