Manny Bates likely to remain at NC State

Manny Bates is likely to remain at NC State for the 2021-22 season, according to new information from Hilltop Hoops, a Georgetown Basketball news source.

Last week, word started to trickle out that Bates — one of the top defensive centers in the country — was looking to leave NC State and play elsewhere. However, no source — local or national — ever confirmed that Bates officially entered his name into the portal.

The notion that Bates may leave, after three years with the program, no longer seems to be the case, though.


Georgetown was rumored to be the favorite to land Bates, if he left Raleigh.

The theoretical departure of Bates would be a nightmare for NC State; Bates is a two-way force and an elite rim protector. On both ends of the floor, Bates works as a fulcrum in NC State’s pick-and-roll schemes. In a variety of ways, Bates is the model center for how Kevin Keatts wants to play.

Beyond Bates, there’s very little experience/production at the center position. His value over replacement player on this roster is massive.

During his career with the Wolfpack, Bates has block rate of 13.1 percent. Going back to the 2007-08 season, only 15 high-major players have appeared in 20+ games with a block rate of 12+ percent and a defensive box plus-minus of 4.

Some of the other names on that list include: Anthony Davis, Jaren Jackson Jr., Nerlens Noel, Mo Bamba, Myles Turner, Isaiah Jackson.

As a freshman, Bates led the nation with a 16 percent block rate, per KenPom.

For whatever it’s worth: as Bates rumors swirled last week, the official Twitter account for NC State basketball tweeted out a photo of a team outing — with Bates included. Bates also attended a team meeting last Tuesday, too.


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