Next Up: Examining 2023’s One-and-Done ACC players, led by Dariq Whitehead

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Dariq Whitehead, Duke

Jon Scheyer and Duke have an absolute stud with Dariq Whitehead. A product of the Montverde Academy development pipeline, Whitehead has made massive strides as a shot-maker and on-ball creator. He’s long been a good prospect, but his ability to slash, make live-dribble reads and shot from all levels is a sight to see.

The burst and change of direction are rather impressive for a 6-foot-6, 190-pound small forward. Playing with Jeremy Roach and Tyrese Proctor, Whitehead work as the bigger of the three perimeter creator for the Blue Devils.

This offensive package is unlocked further with a 3-point jumper that’s starting to really flow for Whitehead, too. He shoots a clean ball off the catch, which is a nice weapon. However, the off-dribble shooting makes you wonder: what’s the limit to his offensive potential?

If this kind of space creation and off-dribble shooting are a part of the mix, then Whitehead is someone that teams will want scoring in the midrange and shooting pull-up 3s. He can do more than slash and play off the catch, or whatever actions the offense has schemed up.

Defensively, Whitehead has lots of tools, too, and he looks promising on this side of the ball. Whitehead has ability to be a menace in passing lanes.

We’ll need to see more on-ball defensive reps and how Whitehead navigates screens vs. ACC guards and wings, but there are reasons to be bullish.

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