College Gameday and the ACC: A Match Made in TV Heaven

Over the past quarter-century, ESPN’s College Gameday telecast has become almost as much a part of the Saturday college football experience as brisk autumn afternoons and tailgating.

From humble beginnings in the late 1980s as a studio show, College Gameday began its ascent into an American cultural phenomenon in 1993, with the legendary “Game of the Century” showdown between undefeated Florida State and Notre Dame in South Bend. For that weekend’s game, the ESPN broadcast crew elected to set up the program onsite, just outside the gates to Notre Dame Stadium.

From that point forward, onsite telecasts became a staple of College Gameday, giving fans an opportunity not only to learn about that particular week’s matchups from some of ESPN’s top experts, but also to become a part of the action themselves by bringing signs — and their voices — to serve as a backdrop to the live broadcast.