Babers on recruiting: ‘We have something that’s very unique’


Dino Babers recently dropped by The David Glenn Show to talk about the unique aspects of Syracuse University, his military roots and finding diamonds in the rough on the recruiting trail.

The state of New York is not known for its high turnout of high school football players recruited for college. For a school like Syracuse to be successful, it’s not always the highly touted players who make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to in-state recruits.

“The key to college football’s evaluations is you have to have some fantastic players,” Babers said. “Everybody knows who those fantastic players are, and everybody fights over those five stars. But when you have the ability to look at somebody and see that diamond in the rough and see that he’s not a hunk of coal, but he’s a diamond, and you have the coaches that can shine that guy out and get him to be the stone that he should be, not the stone that he looks like — I think our staff takes a lot of pride in that.”

Aside from also having a rich tradition that Syracuse has that many recruits these days don’t remember, Babers and the Orange have something that no other football program in the ACC has.

“If you want to play in a dome and win a national championship in a dome, you have to come to Syracuse,” Babers said. “I think by selling that we have something that is very unique to us and hopefully a lot of recruits will think the same way.”

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