Virginia joins Boston College, Pitt: No participation in 2020 bowl games

A second ACC football program has elected to not participate in a bowl game following the 2020 season. Pitt will join Boston College is opting out of postseason play.

Earlier this week, Boston College (6-5) was the first to state that the team wouldn’t play in a bowl; the decision came following a grueling season amidst COVID-19. The BC program came to the conclusion as a team, according to head coach Jeff Hafley.

Boston College went the entire season without registering a positive COVID-19 case all year. As opposed to sticking around for three more weeks of practices, players will be able to go see their families

There’s also the chance that bowl games could be canceled; however, those decisions may not come for another week or two. In which case, players would be stuck on campus for practices, only to have a postseason game called off. That would be far from ideal.

The following day, after Boston College’s decision, Pitt football (6-5) made the same call. The Panther will also not participate in a bowl game.

More from Pitt’s director of athletics Heather Lyke:

Our football student-athletes’ sacrifice and commitment have been extraordinary. This season has been an especially taxing experience, physically and mentally, on and off the field. Despite this unprecedented environment, our team finished strong concluding with last night’s win at Georgia Tech. We are thankful and proud of how they handled the past six months and want them to have a well-deserved restful holiday season with their families and loved ones

These announcements come as college basketball is perhaps facing an inflection point with the virus, too. Duke basketball decided to forgo its remaining non-conference schedule; NC State and Virginia have paused team activities due to positive COVID-19 results.

The Louisville women’s basketball program had to pause team activities and postpone Sunday’s scheduled matchup with UNC — due to COVID-19 as well.

UPDATE: 12/13

Virginia football is now the third ACC program to opt out of a bowl game following the 2020 regular season.


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