Paul Johnson talks fake punt, body slam

As Georgia Tech prepares for its Saturday matchup with Duke, Yellow Jacket football coach Paul Johnson dropped by The David Glenn Show on Tuesday to discuss various topics. It also happened to be the 98th anniversary of the school’s 222-0 victory over Cumberland College.

During the conversation, the seventh-year Tech coach was asked about a fake punt from the team’s win over Miami this past weekend. The play resulted in a first down for the Jackets, but punter Ryan Rodwell was body slammed in the process.

Below is a video of the play: 

“I told him, that’s the best way I know to get on SportCenter‘s top 10,” Johnson said with a laugh. “He looked like WWF out there. He needs to learn, once he gets the first down, don’t be trying to jump people. It might be better to slide.”

The coach also talked about his opinion of Top 25 polls, his thoughts on Duke and whether or not he’s been on a staff that figured out the signals of opposing teams.

Click below to hear the full interview: