Jackets continuing to tap into in-state talent

The state of Georgia has produced a lot of top-end football talent over the years. In the last half decade alone, the Peach State has pumped out players like Nick Chubb, Deshaun Watson, Robert Nkemdiche, Mike Davis and Stephon Tuitt, and several players in the 2015 and 2016 classes are expected to meet their All-American potential by the time they finish their college careers.

While the success of the highest-ranked players attracts the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State and other football powerhouses to come in and recruit Georgia, the state also breeds Division I talent in high numbers even beyond the 5-star talent.

More than 85 Georgia natives from the 2016 class are already committed to Power 5 schools, and many more will be added to that list by National Signing Day in February. As a result, even as the nation’s top programs are locking up the best players in the state, there are still a lot of quality prospects left over for other FBS schools.

Georgia Tech has been one school to take advantage of the players left on the board.