Bobby Bowden: ‘I wanted one more year’

Former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden visited The David Glenn Show on Wednesday to talk about his new book, his life since retirement and many other topics. During the conversation, the legendary coach also talked about the way his career ended in Tallahassee.

After the Seminoles finished 7-6 in 2009, Florida State decided it was time for a change, and Bowden was not welcomed back as the head coach for a 35th year.

“I wanted one more year,” Bowden said. “I didn’t want to keep coaching. I wanted one more year. That would’ve given me 35. Plus, I knew we were going to have a good ball club that next year.

“They told me they weren’t going to renew my contract, so I left and I pouted. And then as time would go, good things kept going, my life kept going on.”

While Bowden’s departure from Florida State wasn’t ideal, time seemed to heal the wounds, and the 84-year-old said that seeing the Seminoles win a national championship in January “brought all of that back together.”

The interview also included talk of Jimbo Fisher, Joe Paterno and a subtle jab at Notre Dame. Click below to hear the full interview: