The All (Original) ACC Team

(As told by Crusty Veteran Reporter) 

I’ve asked my friend Shawn to help me post my annual Preseason All ACC team on the eBay, because I don’t understand all the AOL Tweeting that the kids are doing today. So he’s agreed to type everything I tell him, and he promises that I won’t get my identity stolen. We’ll see. 

Anyway, this year’s ACC Preseason Player of the Year is kind of a no-brainer–the easiest selection since Mike Voight was scoring touchdowns in Chapel Hill. I’m picking Duke receiver Jamison Crowder and can’t imagine getting any argument. 

Well, now Shawn thinks I should explain my stance on the ACC. I don’t think it’s a unique one, but here goes:  Expansion was the worst thing we ever did. There was no reason to add Georgia Tech back in ’78. They’ll always be an SEC team, in my book.  So I don’t recognize any of the new guys. Well, that’s not entirely true. Virginia took a year to join, but I think they’ve paid their dues. 

So my All ACC awards only look at the eight *true* members of the league.  The ones who were there when … (long story about Bones McKinney and Skeeter Francis deleted). 

Now, with that explanation out of the way, here’s my All Original ACC Team

QB: Anthony Boone, Duke

RB: Mike Davis, South Carolina and Kevin Parks, Virginia

WR: Jamison Crowder, Duke; Stefon Diggs, Maryland; Shaq Roland, South Carolina

TE: I would’ve gone with Braxton Deaver, Duke, but he decided he has an ACL. Now, back in the day, you never heard about ACLs. Roman Gabriel and Don McCauley cared more about TDs than ACLs, but Deaver’s got an ACL, and he’s going to sit out the season. So I’ll go with South Carolina’s Jerell Adams. 

Guards: Laken Tomlinson, Duke and A.J. Cann, South Carolina

Tackles: Takoby Cofield, Duke and Tyson Chandler, NC State

Center: Sal Conaboy, Maryland

Defensive ends: Vic Beasley, Clemson and Eli Harold, Virginia

Defensive tackles: Grady Jarrett, Clemson and J.T. Surratt, South Carolina

Linebackers: Stephone Anthony, Clemson; Skai Morre, South Carolina; Nortkeithus Otis, UNC

Cornerbacks: Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest and Demetrious Nicholson, Virginia

Safeties: Anthony Harris, Virginia and Jeremy Cash, Duke. Now, I wasn’t sure about including Cash, since he’s a transfer. In my day, we stuck with our colleges, unless you were coming back from the War … (Long story about Doc Blanchard and Charlie Justice omitted.) 

Kicker: Niklas Sade, NC State

Punter: Thomas Hibbard, UNC

Return man: Ryan Switzer, UNC

So, that’s what my all-star team would look like if things never changed. Instead, enjoy what the league has become, all watered down by the new teams. (Long story about Bill Dooley omitted.)