Schoettmer talks about ties to Duke

North Carolina linebacker Jeff Schoettmer joined The David Glenn Show on Tuesday, and among the topics discussed were the Dallas native’s family ties to Duke. Schoettmer’s father, Steve, played football at Duke in the 1970s, and while he supports his son’s team, switching to a different shade of blue wasn’t an immediate transition.

“When I originally was going to go to UNC, I bought him a Carolina blue polo,” the younger Schoettmer said. “He was like, ‘you’ve got to return that.'”

Steve initially settled on a navy UNC polo, but Jeff knows he has his father’s support.

“He knows UNC is a great school and a great program,” Jeff stated. “He’s happy with the success I’ve had.”

That doesn’t mean the rivalry has no presence at all.

“When we play Duke, we don’t talk much that week,” Jeff said. “I kind of leave him alone, he leaves me alone. Last year we played in Durham on a Thursday night, and he was with four of his former teammates in the stands. Don’t know if he was wearing a UNC or Duke shirt, but I didn’t even ask him.”

During the conversation, Schoettmer also talked about his friendship with pro golfer Jordan Spieth and what it’s like playing under new defensive coordinator Gene Chizik. Click below to hear the full interview: