PooP of the Past: Will Spurrier be the next football coach to leave the ACC?

The following is an article from Volume XIII, Issue 3 of the ACC Sports Journal (back then it was called ‘The PooP Sheet’) and was published on Sept. 29, 1989.

Okay, let’s see a show of hands… who do you think will be the next Atlantic Coast Conference coach to become a former coach in the Atlantic Coast Conference?

No, we’re not talking field hockey or wrestling. Money sports are the subject here. That narrows it to football and basketball. Those coaches are the money men — their teams rake in the revenue with television contracts and big gates. And, of course, their contracts are the most lucrative. Everyone knows — or thinks he or she knows — who the next basketball coach will be to fly the ACC coop. But let’s stick to football for now, since that is the sport in season. The league has actually been pretty stable in recent years when it comes to football coaches. Only one change has been made in the last two years, that being at North Carolina where Dick Crum was forced out and replaced by Mack Brown. That was after the 1987 season, so everyone remained intact a year ago. Half of the ACC schools switched head coaches for their gridiron teams between the 1986 and ‘87 seasons. Steve Sloan left Duke and Bill Curry departed Georgia Tech on the same day, a Sunday which saw both head for Alabama.