North Carolina, Wisconsin governors agree on wager

With Duke and Wisconsin set to face off for the national championship on Monday night, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have agreed on a wager.

According to a press release from McCrory’s office, “When Duke wins, Governor McCrory will receive an assortment of Wisconsin cheese, root beer and sausage.”

The statement also read, “In the rare event Wisconsin pulls off a victory, Governor Walker will have his choice of the most delicious foods and beverages this country has to offer.” Those foods and beverages could include “North Carolina-made barbecue, coleslaw, hushpuppies and Cheerwine.”

McCrory stopped by The David Glenn Show on Monday to talk about the bet and the game itself.

[callout2]”We ironed it out among the two of us,” McCrory said of his agreement with Walker. “I spent most of my time talking trash to him, saying ‘we’ve already beaten you guys once.'”[/callout2]

In addition, the governor pointed out what he thinks will be an important factor in the matchup.

“This game is going to be dependent upon what the referees do and how tight they make the calls, especially inside,” McCrory said. “If they call a tight game and (Jahlil) Okafor gets in foul trouble, Duke doesn’t have much of a bench.”

McCrory also discussed his opinion on mixing politics with sports, particularly with recent controversy surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Click below to hear the full interview: