David Glenn, Doug Rhoads Break Down Miami-Duke

As expected, discussion of the now famous ending to 2015 Miami-Duke continued through the weekend and into Monday’s news cycle, where it was a topic not only in sports sections but on national morning news shows like NBC’s “Today Show” and “CBS This Morning.”

And, of course, it was topic number one in North Carolina sports talk radio Monday as fans wanted to chime in and learn more on everything from how the final call was made to why the result of the game hadn’t been overturned.

David Glenn first shared his thoughts on what the legitimate complaints regarding the officiating in the game were, and where he saw the biggest breakdown in execution among those charged with administering the game occurred.

On the issue of overturning the game result and awarding the win to Duke, DG answered a phone caller’s question clearly: without it being provided for in the agreed upon rules, there is no way to make that ruling in this case.

Is it something the rules committee would want to consider making for in the future? DG answered a caller’s inquiry on the topic:

Finally, DG was joined by former ACC coordinator of officiating Doug Rhoads, who now does TV work discussing rules for NBC and ABC. Rhoads shared his thoughts on the the Miami-Duke play, and they discussed other officiating topics including the topic of full-time, salaried officials.