David Glenn: Attacks at the integrity of Coach K are unfair

In the days following a report that members of Duke’s athletic department were made aware a year ago of allegations that Rasheed Sulaimon sexually assaulted two women, Mike Krzyzewski has repeatedly been asked about the situation. Citing federal law, Krzyzewski has declined to comment on the allegations or anything related to them.

As a result (and sadly, as expected) the lunatic fringe of opposing fanbases is out in full force, as internet tough guys are banging away at their keyboards as they attack the Duke coach’s integrity on their favorite message boards.

Obviously, Krzyzewski can’t comment on this situation. However, what would he say if he could?

If I’m Mike Krzyzewski, I remind everybody of my sensitivity to these issues, my knowledge of these issues and my perspective as a father of 3 women. But I also live in a world where I believe those accused have rights.

Whereas some of you out there are portraying this as me looking at graphic photos of injured women — not true — me looking at detailed police reports of what Sulaimon is accused of — not true — or me looking at some university campus police report about what happened in the eyes of the accusers themselves — not true — none of these things have happened.

Most of the angriest people out there who are taking shots at me, my school or my program don’t even realize the information deficit with which we are all working. If you have a strong opinion, at least educate yourself about the details. Right now, there is no police report. There are no photos. There are not even firsthand accounts by the victims themselves.

Assumedly, Rasheed Sulaimon has told his version of events to his coach. Assumedly. We don’t know that for sure because people aren’t talking. But it’s offensive to accuse somebody without having all of your facts in a way that goes right to their character and integrity.

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