ACC Scoring List: Camerons in Cameron

Cameron Indoor Stadium is celebrating its 75th anniversary as Duke’s home court this year.

In the first month of the anniversary year, Cameron saw Duke host the University of Pittsburgh in an early-season ACC conference game.

Duke won, holding Pitt starter Cameron Wright to just two points. Wright, a senior starter, was held more than seven points below his season scoring average.

Despite the low scoring output, Wright managed to join an exclusive club. Based on research of more than 900 Duke home games, Wright became the eleventh player named Cameron to appear in a game at Cameron.

Here’s the career Cameron in Cameron scoring list:

Cameron Hall, Duke 1977-7870 (14 games)
Cameron Bennerman, NC State 2002-0618 (3 games)
Tom Cameron, Clemson 1955-5816 (3 games)
Cameron Moore, UAB 201111 (1 game)
Cameron Dollar, UCLA 199610 (1 game)
P.J. Cameron, Brown 19805 (1 game)
Cameron Solomon, Georgia State 20125 (1 game)
Cameron Jackson, Wofford 20144 (1 game)
Cameron Stanley, Wake Forest 2005-084 (2 games)
Cameron Wright, Pitt 2015-present2 (1 game)
Camryn Crocker, Penn 20110 (1 game)

The only Cameron to play for Duke in Cameron, Cameron Hall, was also responsible for the two highest-scoring Cameron games in Cameron, putting up 15 and 14 in his two home games against Wake Forest. NC State’s Cameron Bennerman scored 12 against Duke to record the highest point total by an opposing Cameron.

Wright won’t get another shot to climb the list, but his teammate, freshman Cameron Johnson, will get three more cracks at the Blue Devils over his career. He sat out the first game with a shoulder injury.