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UNC will no longer consider Greg Robinson for coordinator position

Well, this has been an interesting trip, huh? According to a report from Inside Carolina, UNC will no longer consider Greg Robinson to be its defensive coordinator. This news comes about 24 hours after a report from FootballScoop that Robinson was set to become the program’s defensive coordinator and play caller.

The apparent hire received backlash as soon as the story broke — both externally and internally, as IC reports, too. Quickly, the news seemed to get walked back; ESPN reported Thursday night (Nov. 29) that Robinson interviewed for the coordinator position, but it wasn’t yet his.

That back-and-forth saga seems to have concluded now, though. As IC reported today, a source confirmed that the interview took place, but an agreement between UNC and Robinson was never reached. It’s certainly interesting to see something like this take place — where public outcry has an impact on personnel decisions before they even official happen.

Regardless, North Carolina did, however, confirm that Tommy Thigpen has, in fact, been promoted to co-defensive coordinator. Although without Robinson, there’s no one for him to share that title with.