UNC football unable to find opponent for Sept. 26 open date

When last Saturday’s North Carolina-Charlotte matchup was canceled — due COVID-19 concerns within the Charlotte program — UNC football lost its lone non-conference opponent for the adjusted 2020 fall season.

On Sunday, UNC announced that, despite best efforts, the football program has been unable to find an opponent for next Saturday: Sept. 26. That date was a built-in open week for the Tar Heels; however, the university is now looking for ways to fill it with a non-conference matchup.

As of right now: following the win over Syracuse on Sept. 12, UNC will return to the field next at Boston College on Oct. 3. This would be a three-week gap in between contests. North Carolina’s schedule sits at 10 games — one short of the ACC’s 10-plus-1 format.

Remember: with the ACC’s 2020 schedule model, non-conference opponents must meet certain qualifications, too. Those games must take place in the home state of the ACC program, likely at the home facility. All out-of-conference opponents must also meet the medical protocol requirements put forth by the ACC.


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