Don’t expect Johnson to sleep on Duke


The winner of Saturday’s matchup between Georgia Tech and Duke will inch one win closer to bowl eligibility while the loser will be left with an uphill battle to get to a .500 finish.

Yellow Jacket head coach Paul Johnson stopped by The David Glenn Show on Tuesday to talk about that contest. Whether it’s because his teams have lost two straight to the Blue Devils, or simply because coaches don’t like taking any opponent lightly, Johnson isn’t counting on 3-4 Duke to be an easy out.

“They’re always going to be well-coached, and they play hard,” Johnson said. “This year is no exception. They’ve hurt themselves tremendously with turnovers. The last game, they kind of got away from that and really had a chance to beat Louisville, which may very well be the best team in our league.

“If you look, even though their record is 3-4, they’ve been in every single game in the fourth quarter.”

Johnson also provided his own breakdown of undefeated Clemson, a team he coached against earlier this season. Click below to hear the full interview: