2023 NBA Draft: The Top 15 Veteran Prospects in the ACC

Virginia Tech Pitt
(AP Photo/Ben McKeown)

Hunter Cattoor, Virginia Tech

Similar to Nijel Pack, Hunter Cattoor brings an elite skill to the table, too. Cattoor is one of the best movement shooters in the country. Since his arrival in Blacksburg, Cattoor (41.6 3P% career) has fit perfectly into Mike Young’s offense — which features all kinds of funky designs. Cattoor is a knockdown shooter off of pindowns, handoffs and relocations.

Here, off some Veer Pindown action from Virginia Tech, Cattoor splashes a 3 in Cameron Indoor Stadium as Wendell Moore Jr. gets caught on Keve Aluma’s screen.

With a lightning-quick release, deep range and outstanding lower-body balance, Cattoor punishes chase defenders that fail to stay attached.

On this half-court possession, Virginia Tech flows into a Horns looks, with Justyn Mutts taking an entry pass at the elbow. This flows into empty-corner screen-and-pop action with Storm Murphy. As Murphy drives baseline, UNC’s help defense collapses into the paint; Leaky Black turns his back on Cattoor, who responds by flying off a throwback screen from Mutts for a 3.

When he shoots from a standstill, Cattoor takes a page from Klay Thompson’s playbook: if he catches the ball in a shot-ready position, he doesn’t need to recoil and load for the jumper. Instead, Cattoor can just catch and shoot, instantly.

According to Synergy, Cattoor scored 1.24 points per spot-up possession (64.8 eFG%), a Top 5 number in the ACC among players with 100+ possessions.

Cattoor is also a solid wing defender, capable of guarding a few different guard types. For his career, Cattoor has a steal rate of 2.4 percent.

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