2023 NBA Draft: The Top 15 Veteran Prospects in the ACC

Wake Forest BC
(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

DeMarr Langford, Boston College

After a bumpy freshman season — in what was a challenging 2020-21 season for Boston College — DeMarr Langford made strides in the 2021-22 campaign. Langford still struggled with his jump shot (46.7 eFG%), while shooting just 7-of-26 on 3-point attempts (26.9 3P%).

However, Langford showed improvements on offense, grabbing the low-hanging fruit as a 6-foot-5, 195-pound guard that likes to slash.

After shooting under 51.0 percent at the rim his freshman year, Langford bumped that up to 57.3 percent (15 dunks) this season — with 64.0 percent of his rim field goals coming unassisted.

Langford’s minutes per game jumped: from 25.4 per contest up to 34.7. His usage rate increased slightly, too: up to 19.3 percent. As such, Langford nearly doubled his scoring average: 11.3 points per game, up from 6.7 as a rookie. He managed these increases while cutting down on turnovers — 13.9 percent turnover rate.

Unfortunately, Langford’s foul-drawing numbers dipped. He drew only 3.6 fouls per 40 minutes, posting a free-throw attempt rate of 36.5 percent. That’s a mostly fine number, but going forward Langford should look to be more aggressive and use his frame/athleticism to attack and create contact. That’s an obvious way to generate fouls, get to the line and force teams to alter how they want to defend the pick-and-roll, which could open up new passing reads for Langford.

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