Jay Williams Balances Roles As Rival Patricipant, Analyst


Many of Jay Williams’ recent interviews have involved discussion of his new, successful book Life Is Not An Accident. But headed into Round 2 of UNC-Duke, we had to buckle down and talk all hoops with the former college and pro star, including an admission that while he “doesn’t care who wins” the game, he did toilet paper his mother’s neighbors’ house after the last Duke victory.

A good starting point on his recent visit with The David Glenn Show was addressing the waves he made when he let a make-shift sign do the talking on his opinion of who should be in UNC’s starting line-up during a segment on ESPN. For the record, we couldn’t tell if he was serious when he said he help up the sign so that people watching in bars with the sound down would get the message, but knowing Jay, there was probably a bit of humor intended.

“I think UNC is a little more impactful with Isaiah Hicks on the floor. That’s not a shot at Kennedy Meeks; I think he’s a really good basketball player,” said Williams. “But the energy that Hicks brings to the table — I love watching that kid play.”

After that, DG and Jay talked about the intensity of the UNC-Duke rivalry, the difference between being a player in vs. an observer of the game, how Coach K will handle his short rotation the rest of the season and what might propel UNC to the Final Four.

Jay also had a good explanation for why he won’t be repeating the crowd-surfing stunt he pulled at Virginia.

Listen to the full interview below: