Chris Collins says Coach K controversy was blown ‘way out of proportion’


Northwestern head coach and former Duke assistant Chris Collins dropped by The David Glenn Show on Tuesday to talk about his Final Four experiences, the one-and-done rule and this year’s national semifinal matchups. During the conversation, he also shared his opinion on the controversy surrounding an exchange Mike Krzyzewski had with Oregon forward Dillon Brooks after the Blue Devils’ Sweet 16 loss.

“I really think it was something that was overblown way out of proportion, but when you’re a part of Duke or one of these programs, you come to expect that kind of thing,” Collins said. “I actually got kind of a chuckle out of it because it was just another example of what you get when you’re at a place like Duke.”

The Northwestern coach noted that while Krzyzewski likely would have handled it differently if he had to do it over again, neither Brooks nor Ducks coach Dana Altman made a big deal out of the encounter.

“I think it was out of the respect that Coach had for Dillon Brooks,” Collins said. “The kid’s a hell of a player.”

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