Is Fuente going to mess with Enter Sandman?


Justin Fuente has received all sorts of questions since becoming Virginia Tech’s head football coach eight months ago.

Everyone wants to know about the quarterback situation, where senior Brenden Motley and junior Jerod Evans are competing for the starting job. Fans also want to know what the offense will look like, especially given Fuente’s success on that side of the ball at Memphis.

One question in particular, though, caught the Hokie coach off-guard.

“I did have somebody that had the wherewithal to actually ask me if I was going to get rid of Enter Sandman,” Fuente told The David Glenn Show at last week’s ACC Kickoff. “How long would it take for them to run me out of town (if I did that)?”

Needless to say, Fuente isn’t going to mess with what many consider to be the greatest entrance in college football.

During the conversation, Fuente also talked about his relationship with Frank Beamer throughout the coaching transition and goals for the offense. Click below to hear the full interview: