DeCourcy on Duke: ‘They’re going to take care of their players’


Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari may or may not have taken a shot at Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski earlier this week.

In a recent blog post, Calipari wrote that he sees it as “preposterous” when other coaches promise recruits that they’ll be taken care of for the rest of their lives if they choose that coach’s school.

Here’s exactly what Cal had to say:

“I refuse to go in a home and paint a picture saying things like, “If you come with us you’ll be taken care of for the rest of your life by the program and by our alums” even though you may only be in school for a year or two. How preposterous does that sound? What if I say that same thing and the young man decides to transfer for one reason or another? Does that still hold true that we’re going to take care of them the rest of their lives? Our approach is to give them the fishing rod and the lures to help them catch fish, not to just give you the fish.”

The comments were widely viewed as a jab at Krzyzewski, particularly because 2017 shooting guard Hamidou Diallo, whom both coaches are pursuing, recently told the Louisville Courier-Journal that Calipari pitches getting players to the NBA while Duke pitches “more than just basketball.”

Calipari later stated that his comments weren’t directed at anyone in particular, but the point still stands that he was criticizing an approach that’s taken by Duke’s staff.

This week, Mike DeCourcy of joined The David Glenn Show to discuss Calipari’s comments. While he praised the way that Calipari runs a players-first program, he also noted that Duke makes players the priority as well.

“They’re going to take care of their players’ needs, wants and desires,” DeCourcy said. “That’s what every university should strive to do.”

DeCourcy also commented on whether or not he thinks Krzyzewski will coach for five more years. Click below to hear the full interview: