Would Larry Fedora leave UNC for another job?

On Monday, The David Glenn Show discussed whether or not North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora would leave the Tar Heels for another job. Here is a transcription of the segment.

There’s good news and bad news for North Carolina football fans.

First undefeated conference play year for the Tar Heels in football since 1980 when Lawrence Taylor was roaming the grounds in Chapel Hill. It could be the first ACC title since 1980. That is an uphill battle because the opponent is the number one Clemson Tigers. But it is, we already know, Carolina’s first trip to the ACC title game in football — a format adopted roughly one decade ago after conference expansion.

The good news is obvious. However, the downside when you have a great coach at a school with a sport that it is not one of the best jobs in America, your coach is going to have a private, secret, short list of jobs that he would take if they came calling. When do coaches get the most calls? When they’re in the process of doing things that their school has rarely, if ever, done before.

Southern Miss wins a school-record number of games under a guy named Larry Fedora, and guess what? His phone rang a lot, and one of those phone calls was from UNC. He gets that job offer, and he takes that job. That’s a no-brainer jump up the ladder, Southern Miss outside the Power Five and UNC inside the Power Five and at least a top half of the ACC job in football. You can argue whether it would be third or fourth or fifth or sixth or whatever in the ACC, where Florida State and Clemson are the best football jobs just like Duke and Carolina are viewed as the best basketball jobs in the ACC and two of the best in all of college basketball.

The question for Tar Heel fans who, rather than simply enjoying this record-setting season and this matchup with Clemson in Charlotte this weekend, are nail-biting worriers is, would Larry Fedora leave town off of a hot season just like Mack Brown did in 1997?