Which uniform combos hold the best records for UNC under Larry Fedora?

Blue, blue and white? Or blue, blue and black?

Wait, no. What about blue, blue and blue?

As much as toughness and grit are preached in college football, the uniforms worn on game day can hold a high level of importance for both players and fans.

Sometimes, coaches will shake up the uniform combo to get a team excited before a rivalry game. Some programs will break out a new helmet to use as a recruiting tool in a nationally televised game. For other teams, sticking with traditional uniforms every week sends a message that gimmicks aren’t needed to attract top talent.

North Carolina is one school that has thrown in several different combinations in recent years. Under Larry Fedora, the Tar Heels have used 20 different uniform combos.

It would be far-fetched to say the outcome of a game can be impacted more by the uniforms a team wears than the talent disparity, where the game is being played or even the weather. But could one combination be better than others?