Lazenby: ‘James Worthy Said Michael Jordan Bullied Him’

Roland Lazenby came on Wednesday’s edition of The David Glenn Show to talk about his recent book, Michael Jordan: The Life, and shared several interesting stories from the comprehensive biography.  When asked about Jordan’s well-known competitive nature, the author talked about an interview with another former Tar Heel who could attest to how much No. 23 wanted to be the best.

“James Worthy, in his interview with me for this book…said that Michael was a bully,” Lazenby said.

It’s worth noting that Jordan was a freshman and Worthy was a junior during the only year the two played alongside one another in college.  Worthy was also the top overall pick in the 1982 NBA draft.

During the conversation, Lazenby mentioned that former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson once said that while Jordan’s high level of competitiveness served him well on game days, it could eat him alive on off days.

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