Doug Gottlieb Joins David Glenn To Discuss Roy Williams Comments


CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb caused a stir this weekend with comments during the national Miami-UNC broadcast regarding the possible retirement of Roy Williams, and speculation that his replacement could be UNC assistant coach Hubert Davis.

The comments were further scrutinized when Williams, after exiting his post-game press conference, doubled back to refute what was said and express his frustration at what he perceived to be a less-than-journalistic report.

On Monday, Gottlieb joined The David Glenn Show to share his thoughts and answer questions about his Roy Williams comments. His defense to criticism was two-fold: one, he thinks the nature of his comments were misconstrued by the time they were relayed to Williams, and two, he does not think his job as a TV analyst holds him to the same journalistic standard as a reporter breaking a story. Gottlieb pointed out that colleague Seth Davis, in studio at the time, disagreed with him on the spot — Gottlieb called the exchange a “well-rounded discussion.”

DG and DG exchange questions and thoughts about reporting rumors, the speculation of Williams’ retirement and the Tar Heel coach’s possible replacements. They even get into some of Gottlieb’s thoughts on the ongoing UNC scandal.

Why did UNC even bother to address the rumors rather than let it pass? David Glenn breaks that down as well. Full audio of both are below: