David Glenn: ‘No NCAA conclusion on UNC right now’

Just two days after the NCAA reopened its investigation into academic irregularities at North Carolina, radio host David Glenn provided a breakdown of what to expect moving forward. While the NCAA’s involvement suggests that the Tar Heels’ athletic department could eventually face sanctions, Monday’s news was just one step in a process that contains many layers.

“The NCAA certainly does not have a conclusion right now,” Glenn said. “What the NCAA has…is news that people who were previously uncooperative are now cooperating.”

Presumably, those people include former UNC African and African-American Studies department chairman Julius Nyang’oro and his assistant, Debbie Crowder. Rashad McCants, who played basketball at North Carolina from 2002-05, and learning-specialist-turned-whistleblower Mary Willingham may also be of interest to the NCAA. Both McCants and Willingham have made claims to ESPN’s Outside the Lines that fraudulent classes were used to keep athletes eligible.

According to Glenn, the NCAA really won’t be pursuing its investigation into North Carolina until this fall, and it’ll be months after that before a conclusion is reached.

“We’re a long, long, long way from knowing whether the Tar Heels are going to end up with sanctions because of this.

“This is going to be a multi-month process at least, and it’s not going to begin until several months from now.”

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