David Glenn explains why Roy Williams is not facing the same repercussions as Boeheim, Brown

In college basketball, we only have six active Hall of Famers. We have four in the ACC. Mike Krzyzewski at Duke, Roy Williams at North Carolina, Jim Boeheim at Syracuse and Rick Pitino at Louisville. Four active guys already in the Hall of Fame, and that’s just in a single conference.

Well, Larry Brown of SMU is also already in the Hall of Fame. John Calipari of Kentucky is also already, in his case recently, inducted into the Hall of Fame. Calipari has been at schools that have had to vacate Final Fours on his watch, although he was not personally attached. UNC obviously is dealing with all sorts of accusations right now, although Hall of Famer Roy Williams is not personally accused.

But in the Syracuse case with Jim Boeheim and the SMU case with Larry Brown, it is both the program facing sanctions and the coach. Boeheim’s is on appeal, and Larry Brown just got his verdict on Sept. 29. In both cases, they individually as coaches are dealing with lengthy suspensions. What’s the regular season, 30 games? If you miss nine, you’re getting close to a third of your regular season. Two Hall of Famers, recent recipients of lengthy suspensions from the NCAA.

Why, in those cases, are the coaches lumped into the sanctions and the repercussions? And why, in other cases, is the coach sort of out there on the side and not on the other end of an accusing finger from the NCAA?