David Glenn breaks down how NCAA measures APR

Ever wondered how the NCAA measures Academic Progress Rate?  Radio host David Glenn broke it down on Thursday, using North Carolina as an example.  Of all ACC schools, the Tar Heels have the lowest four-year APR in the conference on the basketball court.

Each scholarship player can earn a total of four points.  For each semester, a player can earn one point for completing the semester in good academic standing and another point for doing so while remaining eligible.  During the 2012-13 season, North Carolina earned 44 of 48 possible points, which translates to an APR of 917 on the year.

UNC’s four-year APR of 938 came dangerously close to the NCAA penalty level of 930.  Poor scores can be penalized with postseason bans.

“Early NBA entrees can either devastate their team’s APR, or they can help and maintain their team’s APR,” Glenn said.

Click below to a hear a full breakdown of how the NCAA measures APR.