Dave Glenn breaks down what’s in store for UNC

David Glenn spent a segment of his show discussing the UNC scandal and what type of punishment may be in store for the Tar Heels.

Dave explained that anyone expecting a harsh punishment for Carolina may be in for a surprise, based on the other litigation that the NCAA is currently involved in defending.

The NCAA is listed as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by former UNC athletes, who are also suing the school, claiming that they were deprived of a legitimate education.

The NCAA is expected to argue that it shouldn’t be included in the suit, because academic policies of individual institutions are outside its scope of regulation. If that’s the case, argues Mr. Glenn, then it will be tough for the NCAA to turn around and punish the Tar Heels for what it considers academic violations.

“The NCAA can be hard to understand, but even the NCAA … is smart enough even if it is incredibly inconsistent, not to talk out of both sides of its mouth about the same topic at the same time,” Glenn said.

“It’s going to be far less than the sledge hammer that a lot of people are expecting,” he added.

“It stands for National Collegiate ATHLETICS Association, not National Collegiate ACADEMICS Association.”

You can listen to the entire segment here.