Wake Forest leaders show support for players, #WeWantToPlay movement

As Wake Forest football took to the field for practice Monday morning — mere hours after the organized #WeWantToPlay movement started to gather steam — head coach Dave Clawson had university president Dr. Nathan Hatch address the team.

In a display of support for Wake Forest athletes and (ostensibly) the #WeWantToPlay movement, Dr. Hatch thanked the team for their commitment to safety and attempts to represent the university: “You are a tremendous model for all of our students as they come back, in terms of what it will take for us to be together in this age of COVID.”

The organized #WeWantToPlay movement started to form late Sunday night; players from all five Power Five conferences, including Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, have rallied in an effort to prevent the stoppage of the 2020 fall football season — if possible.

It’s early in the process; there are still so many things to work through. However, Wake Forest leadership, including the school’s president, showing up to meet with the players face-to-face sends a strong message of support.