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UNC Football Injury Chart

North Carolina (5-6) needs one more win to become bowl eligible for the first time since the 2016 season. The Tar Heels also haven’t defeated NC State since the 2015 season. UNC could hit two birds with one stone this weekend. Here’s the injury report.


Brandon FrittsTEACLOut3/8IndefiniteInjured during spring practice
Patrice ReneCBACLOut for season9/7Expected to graduate in Dec., could return for 5th year
Jace RuderQBLower ExtremityPracticing9/21Back to third on the depth chart
Nick PolinoOLLower BodyQuestionable9/7Mercer, 11/23Missed 6 games, returned for Pitt
Trey MorrisonDBUpper BodyQuestionable10/14Mercer, 11/23Didn't play against Pitt
Javonte WilliamsRBUpper BodyProbable11/14Mercer, 11/23