Ranking the Top ACC QB, 2022

The 2021 season may have been a bit of a down year for the ACC; however, as team’s fell short of projections, league-wide quarterback play was at a high. This created a fairly interesting dichotomy: a historically-good season at a position of outsized importance, while most teams experienced middling results. Football is a strange sport. Defense is hard.

Alas, the ACC should be in line for another fun season of quarterback play. Yes, losing star quarterbacks like Kenny Pickett and Sam Howell is a big blow. Plenty of league-wide talent remains at the position, though, thanks to a strong returning class of players and a couple interesting transfer additions.

With that in mind, let’s jump in and rank the top ACC quarterbacks for the 2022 season, including a couple of slots that will serve as a placeholder for position battles.

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