Myles Dorn on Mack Brown: “The thing that stuck to me is that he’s an honest coach”

Senior safety Myles Dorn, one the defensive leaders for North Carolina, stopped by The David Glenn Show on Wednesday. With a 2-2 record, UNC has a massive game on the horizon in Chapel Hill: No. 1 Clemson this Saturday.

Dorn is the brother of former NC State forward Torin Dorn (2015-19), who just finished up his career in Raleigh a few months back. Their father, also named Torin, played football for North Carolina in the late 1980s — and was also coached by Mack Brown.

DG and Dorn discuss what it’s like to have a brother on the other side of the NC State-UNC rivalry, playing for Mack Brown, the culture change with North Carolina football, being recruited by Dabo Swinney in high school, the importance of being a senior leader and his relationship with Dre Bly.


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