DG on UNC-South Carolina Scrimmage: “They changed the legislation this past summer to say: no more waivers, no more third exhibition games”

The last few days, much has been made about the NCAA shooting down a proposed preseason game between North Carolina and South Carolina — one that was designed to provide relief funds to victims of Hurricane Florence. The reason behind that ruling: both schools already had two scrimmages — one public, one private — scheduled. That’s the maximum number of preseason scrimmages allowed by the NCAA.

In 2017, Kentucky hosted a third scrimmage against Morehead State, which was designed to to send proceeds to victims of hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico, and California wildfires. The NCAA needed to approve a special waiver so that the game could take place.

There were some that grew angry that the NCAA wouldn’t grant the same request to UNC and South Carolina; however, as David Glenn explains, that option wasn’t on the table — here’s why.


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