What NOT to expect when UNC receives its notice of allegations


North Carolina is expected to receive a revised notice of allegations from the NCAA in the coming weeks. On Friday, The David Glenn Show broke down what NOT to expect as the Tar Heels take this next step toward reaching a resolution with its NCAA issues.

Three things to keep in mind as UNC awaits the NOA:

  • This is a notice of allegations. A final verdict/penalties will not be handed down as part of this step.
  • While sanctions will not be levied at this stage, the revised notice of allegations should provide a better idea of how UNC might be punished.
  • The next step will be for UNC to respond in the next 90 days. At some point in the months that follow the school’s response, it will go before the Committee on Infractions. In the weeks/months after it meets with the COI, penalties will be handed down.

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