Sean May hoping to serve as good-luck charm for UNC


North Carolina Director of Player Personnel and former Tar Heel star Sean May made an appearance on The David Glenn Show Tuesday to talk about the team’s upcoming trip to the Final Four. May, who was named Most Outstanding Player of the 2005 NCAA Tournament, won’t be playing for UNC this time around, but he’s still hoping his presence will bring good luck to the team in the form of a championship.

“I think there’s something special about me being there,” the former big man joked. “Coach (Roy Williams) does well when I’m there. In ‘09, he got one because I showed up. Hopefully he’ll get another one because I’m in the building.”

May also talked about his most vivid memory of the 2005 title, Brice Johnson’s growth and the championships that run in the May family. Click below to hear the full interview: