Montross on ACC Tournament: You don’t want to play two days early


Eric Montross of the Tar Heel Sports Network stopped by The David Glenn Show on Monday to talk about UNC’s win over Duke, Marcus Paige’s emotional senior speech and how far North Carolina could go in the NCAA Tournament.

During the conversation, the former UNC big man also talked about the importance of getting byes in the ACC Tournament.

“These are young guys, and they can deal with a lot of stress on their bodies,” Montross said. “Three games in three days, I think you can handle it. But more than that, and I think it really becomes an issue.”

Montross stated that the format of the tournament makes it even more important to finish near the top of the standings in the regular season.

“It’s something that is a big-time player, and I think it’s just the nature of a big conference, a long tournament and, again, putting a premium on finishing at the top so you don’t have to play a day early or two days early,” he said.

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