What lies ahead for UNC in its NCAA case?

The NCAA’s investigation into North Carolina’s academic scandal reached another landmark on Monday when the school received its amended notice of allegations. The revised document, which replaces the old one the university received last May, includes five Level I violations, one of which was the infamous “lack of institutional control” charge.

The new NOA was largely unchanged from the previous version UNC received, but there were a few adjustments. Most notably, the timeline of the charges shrunk from the 2002 fall semester through the summer of 2011 to the 2005 fall semester through the summer of 2011, and while the previous NOA deemed the academic issues as “impermissible benefits” across multiple sports, the document the school received Monday only mentioned “impermissible benefits” in relation to the first allegation, which specifically is tied to the women’s basketball program.

In addition, no sports other than women’s basketball were named in the amended NOA.

While a final verdict is still several months down the road and unlikely to come before 2017, Monday’s developments mark a significant step in the process. While athletic director Bubba Cunningham’s hopes that the matter would be resolved by the end of this spring won’t come to fruition, UNC’s receipt of the document makes it easier to accurately predict an endpoint for the case.

As for the NOA itself and what it means, Monday provided a little more clarity for what to expect moving forward.