Wake Forest improving baseball facilities

Wake Forest hasn’t made much noise on the baseball field recently, only making one NCAA appearance in the last 13 seasons. But athletic director Ron Wellman has been investing money in facilities for coach Tom Walter, looking to recapture the glory of five straight tournament appearances from 1998-2002. Since taking over the former minor-league park in Winston-Salem in 2009, Wellman has sunk millions into renovations.

The latest announcement is a $9.5 million phase that is part of what will be a $14 million project. Wake Forest is adding a 41,000-square-foot building that will have a locker room and lounge; rooms for training, video, equipment and meetings; offices; a kitchen; and an indoor hitting area. The second phase includes renovation and relocation of the dugout and construction of what the Deacons are calling a “pitching laboratory,” with 18 cameras to analyze mechanics.

An interesting note is that the initial plans include a concourse-level viewing area that would connect the baseball field and football field. Wake Forest hopes to have the project finished in 2017.